Our Story

Clearstone was started from a passion to grow small businesses and to make them successful and profitable, and now we wake up every morning to connect with business owners and to help them, by providing a really clear picture of their finances.

Thus putting business owners in a strong position to make important decisions which in turn will help them to provide themselves and their families with more fulfilled lives.

Young business team at work

Clear Accounting For Your Growing Business

We have some key values that help us to make decisions about who are the right people to work for us, the right clients to work with and the right strategic partners to work together with.

These are:

Oh, and the Name?...

One of the key things that we are always doing for our entrepreneur clients is making things clear for them.

We’re making their business finances as clear as possible for them, where previously they have often been muddled and far from clear. Plus, we’re helping to make their processes and systems as clear and efficient as they can be.

And the stone?……. well, we’re always there for our clients, solid and reliable, to give that much needed stability and sound advice.


Paul Cooper


Paul is an experienced business owner and business advisor with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and their teams grow their own businesses and improve their profitability.

He focusses on helping business owners by strategically analysing their business and advising upon key areas for improvement so their goals can be achieved.

After leaving university with his maths degree back in the early 90’s, Paul started off working for BDO and then a couple of global companies before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.

Since founding Clearstone over 10 years ago now, Paul and his team are helping like minded business owners to achieve their business dreams so they can support and provide for their families as well as they possibly can.