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Clear Accounting For Your Growing Business

Problems We Solve

Be In Control

When your bookkeeping is not done properly or not kept up to date then your business finances can spiral out of control.

You have no information of any value, upon which you can make valid business decisions.

Your finance function is the key to your business and we know how much hassle and stress it can cause you when it’s in a mess and unclear.

Boost Profits

Lots of business owners think “I’m bringing in lots of sales revenue but never seem to make much profit!”

Unfortunately it’s such a familiar situation.

You run your business to take home profits for you and your family so you need to have a plan in place to achieve this.

Stabilise Cashflow

When bills are due do you find that sometimes you run low on money?

Or do you regularly worry about paying your staff on time each month or suppliers chasing you for payment?

Lots of business owners run blind because they have no system in place to inform them about how their cashflow is looking.

Clients We've Helped

“The service we receive from Clearstone is first class and I have complete clarity.

I feel totally confident that the bookkeeping and tax affairs of our business are in very safe hands. They have saved me a great deal of time, allowing me to get on with the day to day business operations, safe in the knowledge that all of our business finances are taken care of.

I would not hesitate to recommend to any business owner that needs a reliable, modern and pro-active accounting service.”

David Furst
MD, Skinlight Cosmetics
“When I took over as director of the company the systems and accounts were in a real mess.

Clearstone have completely transformed the processes, made everything super efficient and now it all runs like clockwork.

Thoroughly professional, extremely pro-active – I unreservedly recommend.” 
Rod Craig
Director, Westminster Boating Base

How We Solve Your Problems

Get Clarity

To achieve clarity with your business finances we get in place an efficient finance function for you and ensure that we do all of your bookkeeping for you efficiently, accurately and constantly up to date.

We use the best cloud tech including Xero and Dext and our selected system that’s best for your business and with our expertise give you full control and the ability to steer your business clearly!

Maximise Profits

Using our expertise along with our tried and tested business profitability systems we analyse the key areas of your business where you can improve your profits.

We use our Simple Stuff That Works methodology and we identify your quick wins first and formulate a profit maximisation strategy tailored to you. (We can even help you implement it!)

Cashflow Solution

To help you to take back control of your cashflow we analyse your key business areas and also link up your cloud accounting records with our AI cashflow software.

We then provide you with all of the cashflow insights that you’ll need, so that you will know, in advance, when cash is flowing in and out and can have a plan in place to manage it all easily.

Getting your business finances under control

Analysing all your key numbers and maximising profitability

Making Your Accounting Clear

So you can grow your business

Data & Systems

We’ll assess what you need and set up the best finance system for you if you don’t already have it in place. It will all be cloud based and the accounting core will be Xero, your operations software as required will be integrated and set up optimally.

Total Accounting

Our experienced team will take care of all of your accounting hassles including bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, company secretarial, annual accounts and tax, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

Useful Reporting

We can transform how you look at your business and help you to make better business decisions. We do this by providing you with management information and reports that are relevant and useful specifically to you and your business.

Business Growth

We’re able to help you with all of the challenges of growing your business in a profitable way, so not just the finances but other areas of the business that make a real difference to the life of both you and your family.

How To Improve Your Business And Make It More Profitable

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Get the book that hundreds of businesses have used to maximise their profits

Enter your name and email address and get the very same book upon which our high value profit maximisation and cashflow advisory services are based

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